We transform environmental challenges into sustainable solutions

We offer an integral service that starts from the collection to the treatment and final disposal of hazardous waste. We select the different types of treatment after analyzing them in our state-of-the-art laboratory, ensuring the minimum impact on the environment

We are a group of French origin specialized in the integral management of hazardous waste, with presence in Peru since 2017

With our experience, international know-how and advanced technology we seek to be protagonists of the transformation of the country towards a sustainable economy

In spite of the few years operating in Peru, we have positioned ourselves as the only company in the country with the capacity and resources to offer an integral service, from beginning to end, for the management of hazardous waste.

We carry out the collection, recovery and transport with our own fleet of vehicles, different types of treatment with the most advanced technology and final disposal in our safety landfills operated under European standards. Controlling all stages of management allows us to guarantee the traceability of waste from any national industry.


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Our History and growth

  • The country's first security landfill is inaugurated

    Located in Chilca, owned by BEFESA SA, later acquired by Séché Group Peru.

  • El grupo Séché Environnement ingresa al Perú

    Buying shares in the company Kanay SAC, specialist in thermal treatment of biocontaminated waste.

  • First cleaning and site remediation service

    We began our experience in Peru in the cleaning and remediation of sites affected by hydrocarbons, a fundamental line of business at present.

  • Partnership with the UN for the elimination of PCB

    We signed an alliance for the service of handling oils and electrical equipment contaminated with PCB, one of the 10 most dangerous wastes in the world, and for which we have the integral logistics until its final disposal in France. To date, we are the only company in South America authorized for this service.

  • The group acquires a treatment plant from Taris S.A.

    The group complements its investment in the country with the partial purchase of shares in Taris S.A., acquiring facilities in Chilca, headquarters of treatment and final disposal of hazardous waste.

  • Office opening in Iquitos

    We implemented the office in Iquitos (Loreto) for the management of our remediation projects and future treatment plant. In this way, we extended our coverage in the north east of Peru.
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  • Séché Group Peru gets the trinorm

    The company becomes the only hazardous waste management company to obtain the standards: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001e ISO 14064.

  • The Séché Group has a full shareholding in Taris S.A. and Kanay S.A.C

    The French group acquires all the shares of Taris S.A. and Kanay S.A.C., becoming the sole owner of both companies.

  • Kanay S.A.C absorbs Taris S.A. under the trade name Séche Group Peru

    For tax and legal purposes, Kanay S.A.C absorbs Taris S.A. and launches Séché Group Peru as the trade name representing the group in Peru.

Séché Environnement is a key player in the global circular economy

Founded in France, it has more than 40 years of experience in waste management and is recognized worldwide for its specialization in environmental management solutions, with high level technology that differentiates it in the local and international market.

Bringing about the environmental transition

Thanks to its expertise in the creation of circular economy loops, decarbonization and hazard control, the group has been contributing to the ecological transition of industries and territories, as well as to the protection of the living world, for nearly 40 years. A French family-owned industrial group, Séché Environnement deploys the cutting-edge technologies developed by its R&D department at the heart of territories, in more than 120 locations in 15 countries, including some fifty industrial sites in France. With more than 6,000 employees, including 2,500 in France, Séché Environnement generated a turnover of €1 013,5 million in 2023, 26% of which was generated internationally.

Our Vision

To be protagonists in the transformation of the country towards a sustainable economy.

Our Mission

We seek to generate change at national and international levels in environmental management, in order to reduce the impacts that harm the environment and health of people; contributing in this way, to the sustainable economic growth of Peru.

Our Locations


As a guiding principle in all our actions, respecting international standards to take care of ourselves and our colleagues.


We exercise a responsible awareness of the economic, social and environmental impacts that we generate as individuals and by our business activity.


We act with honesty, respect and transparency, in line with our convictions.


We strive for a job well done, exceeding expectations and setting the bar at the highest global standards.


Constantly seeking the most advanced technology to provide optimal solutions.